Day In The Life Of A Social Escort In Singapore

A lot of people who are not aware about the social escort industry in Singapore usually have lots of questions about it.

The biggest one of them all is actually how do social escorts lead their daily lives?

Some of them think that escorts are some mythical creatures who are vastly different from the rest of society. A lot of people also think that social escorts make a lot of money and always lead a high life. However, do escorts really make easy money?

The reality of their lives in Singapore

In reality, most of the escorts working in Singapore are actually hidden in plain sight, and they lead very normal lives! They just usually keep their work as an escort private.

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In fact, escorts are no different from a pretty Singaporean girl just that she probably lots of money more than most other girls her age. However, most Singaporean social escort girls actually lead a modest life, so you won’t be able to tell.

Video interview of a real escort girl in Singapore

In fact, watch the following video to find out more about escorts in Singapore!

3 Ways To Find A Singaporean Escort Who Looks Like Her Photo

A lot of men in Singapore love Singaporean girls. However, with so many escort girls working in Singapore (some legally, some illegally on non existent work permits), how do you make sure that your escort is really from Singapore?

If you are like a typical client in Singapore, you probably love Singaporean social escort girls. However, you have probably been scammed before and got baited and switched with a cheap Thai or Viet girl… basically not a Singaporean.

Here are 3 tips to help you find a true blue Singaporean escort who actually looks like her provided photo – whether it is by her agency or herself!

First of all, if you are a foreigner to Singapore, you may not be aware of this. However, escorts born and bred from Singapore do not actually like their faces being shown on any kind of marketing materials. This means if you see a full face reveal on any website, chances are, it is a scam and you will suffer from a bait and switch. This is especially common on independent escort sites such as Locanto, Skokka and the like. This sometimes also happens on agency sites, however chances are lower. Nonetheless, read on for more tips.

Second of all, even if they do not show full face photos, it does not necessarily mean that the escort girl who turns up will look like the photograph. Here comes the second tip for you to ensure that the escort girl you hire does look like her photos – if you can’t afford it, don’t book an escort girl in Singapore. Escort girls do not come cheap in Singapore. If you see a local girl advertising for anything less than $500 to $600, chances are, she is not Singaporean. She could very well turn up at your place and then look 50 kilograms overweight and a different race from her claimed race too. If you see a social escort agency site, steer clear of anyone who charges less than $600, or even $700 in some cases. They are fake.

Third of all, if you insist on wanting a Singaporean girl, then head for social escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts. While there are some agencies which violate this manpower law, Singapore social escort agencies are only allowed to hire Singaporean citizens in Singapore. This will ensure that they are Singaporean. To add on, agencies have little incentive to lie to you about their escort looks. If a particular escort does not look good, social escort agencies have no incentives to recommend them to you because it will spoil their reputation. On the other hand, independents have a lot of incentive to lie – because they can only sell their own services. This means that they will have to write as though they are perfect for you even if they are not! The extreme cases see independent escorts in Singapore using completely fake and Googled for photos. Whereas, agencies can simply find another girl and recommend you the most suitable escort model to your looks preference.

So there you go. The above are three easy ways to help you finally find that Singaporean escort who actually does look like her photos!