Is Being A Female Escort In Singapore Really Easy Money? Or Not?

A lot of girls may either have stumbled across a social escort ad, or read stories online about how easy it feels to make money as a social escort in Singapore and get interested in an escort job. They then start applying to become one.

However, while some succeed wildly, some do not.

What is the reason for discrepancy?

While most escorts in Singapore barely make any money, and struggle to get any jobs, a few social escorts make so much money you can’t even count! Louis Vuitton bags, Valentino heels, and even the famed Hermes can be yours if you are in the top few percent of escorts in Singapore.

However, is it really easy to get to the top when it comes to social escort work in Singapore? There are a few key things you want to look at.

The first of which will be the amount of effort you put into it. Are you willing to work weekends? Or you willing to forego going to a social gathering or even religious gathering just to make money? When you are in bed at night and receive a call or message from your escort agency, will you be heading down to the appointment or continue sleeping? All these will determine how successful you will be. If all of your answers to the above questions is a resounding and non-questionable yes, then you will potentially succeed. Read on for the second point.

Second of all, are you a picky person? If you are picky, being a sugar baby may be a better idea. However, if you are not picky and willing to make a lot more money and quickly over the long term, then being a social escort with a big agency in Singapore which already has lots of clients will make you lots of money.

Thirdly, do you need or want the money? Most people in Singapore claim they want the money. However, not many are willing to do what it takes. If you have a whatever it takes mindset, you will succeed. The reason for that is because in any customer facing role, there will be clients you love. There will be clients you hate. However in an escort job role, you are required to pretend and genuinely act as though you love the client, and like being with him whether or not you can even stand the sight of him or his voice. Can you truly face someone you do not like, but pretend you like him, till the extent that he believes you really like him? If so, then you may be a suitable candidate and you should apply for an escort job immediately to make the money.

Being an escort is not necessarily easy money. It is not easy money if you do not fulfill all of the above criteria. However, for the right candidate who fulfills all of the above criteria and want an extraordinary job which is vastly different from any other job out there, then apply to be an escort today. It may be one of the most financially rewarding choices you will ever make in history.